What are Video Ads?

Video ads encompasses online display advertisements that have video within them, but it is generally accepted that it refers to advertising that occurs before, during and/or after a video stream on the internet.  Youtube is a great example of video.

video ads allow advertisers to: Build brand awareness with engaging, visual stories: You can share your brand's mission.

Video Ads


Aligning on goals & kpi’s important to your business


Optimizing, testing and taking what we learn to improve


We start with briefs & grids, so we are aligned and accountable


100% transparent, 100% honest if not get your money back

YouTube Ads

On YouTube, people can discover videos in various ways (for example, by searching on the YouTube search page, clicking suggested videos on the watch page, or choosing a video from the homepage feed). You can use YouTube to advertise more effectively to people who are searching for your product or brand.


TikTok Video Ads

If you’re unfamiliar with TikTok and the For You page, In-Feed Video Ads are very similar to the ads you’d see while tapping through Instagram Stories. You can get super creative with In-Feed Ads.

Align Tactics with Objectives

The key to an effective video campaign is combining content with advertising strategy. Write and produce your video so it is authentic and compelling. Don’t try to copy others. Be yourself, be true to your brand voice and be true to your audience.

Deliver Measurable Results

Calculate a video’s conversion rate, take the number of viewers that completed your desired action and divided by the total number of viewers. You’ll want to see how much a page’s conversion rate increases or decreases after adding a video on important pages on your site including product pages and landing pages.

Remember to test, learn and question

We are works in progress. Constantly evolving and changing as we grow older and wiser.