What is Social Media?

You are looking to get your brand exposure on social media, and not posting isn’t going to help you towards your goal. You need to post both consistently and frequently to promote your brand on social media, while still providing value in your posts.

Remember for every six posts you create on your social media channels, four posts should entertain or educate, one post should be a “soft sell” and one post should be a “hard sell.”

Social Media


Aligning on goals & kpi’s important to your business


Optimizing, testing and taking what we learn to improve


We start with briefs & grids, so we are aligned and accountable


100% transparent, 100% honest if not get your money back

Facebook Ads

The video ad format is perhaps the most effective for Facebook PPC, no matter your industry. Facebook offers its Creator Studio tool to help you create a video or a slideshow of photos that will make up a video. You can also create your own video and upload it to Facebook.


Instagram Ads

The 80/20 rule? The 80/20 rule indicates that 80% of social media posts should be useful to your audience — meaning, it educates, entertains, or offers a solution to their problems — and only 20% should explicitly promote your business.

Align Tactics with Objectives

Social media tactic is a great way to wield the power of social media to get your content in front of your target audience. Your content will pop up in between posts from users’ friends and family, which makes it more likely those users will see what you’re selling.

Tiktok Advertising

TikTok marketing campaign should leverage existing trends and make the most out of them. If you want to make your business big on TikTok, always keep an eye on the trending videos and soundtracks attracting the most audiences.

Remember to test, learn and question

We are works in progress. Constantly evolving and changing as we grow older and wiser.